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ADT Reviews

When it comes to your home, you want to protect your family and your belongings. ADT is the oldest security service in the country, providing home security for over 100 years. They offer the most advanced and user customizable systems in the marketplace.

ADT Features

ADT has learned a lot about security in the past century. Today, they combine their traditional values of reliability, honesty and professionalism with the newest, most effective technology. For example, ADT provides direct two-way communication between you and an ADT professional. This instant link can save valuable time when it comes to receiving aid.

What Does ADT Cost?

ADT is all about flexibility. Their professionals will work with you to determine your exact security needs, so you’re only purchasing services that apply to your situation. Monitoring services start at a low monthly price of $36, with additional features available depending on your wants and needs.

Excellent Customer Service

ADT monitoring professionals are expertly trained, fully knowledgeable and ready for any situation. They’re in touch with local emergency services, so help is always nearby. Your home will be professionally monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Final Review of ADT

ADT’s reputation is unmatched in the security industry. Wireless alarm system technology allows you to check out your house from almost anywhere you have an internet connection. The systems offered by ADT are the most sophisticated in the industry. We hope you enjoyed reading our ADT reviews.

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25 reviews for “ADT

  1. We’ve had ADT for a little over a year and couldn’t be happier with their services. Their customer support is outstanding. We had an accident where my daughter set off the alarm when she arrived home and didn’t get to the keypad in time. ADT called the house before dispatching the authorities and there was no problem once she gave them the password. I know ADT has excellent reviews on the web and there’s a reason why. These people truly care about your safety and make it a point to show you how to best protect your home. Our house is an older model with an awkward layout. Because we have so many ground windows, the motion detectors offered by ADT are a must and I like that we can add other equipment or features if needed. I am so glad we chose ADT over other companies. I was able to setup ADT within 40 minutes and we were instantly online viewing the house. When I am visiting my mother in another state, I can keep an eye on our long term baby sitter and make sure my daughter is doing all of her homework and chores in a timely manner. Best of all, I can make sure she and the house are safe, which is something every parent wants.

  2. You can never been overprotected when it comes to your house and your family, which is why I wanted a better way to keep us safe. I had an alarm a long time ago, but it didn’t do anywhere near the things ADT does for us. If you are looking for a home security system that really makes a difference for the safety of your home, ADT is it. With ADT I do not have to worry about much because it does the work for you and the setup was so easy. I did everything myself and I called tech support with the one minor hiccup. They helped me right away.

  3. Last night, our home alarm went off at 10:00 p.m. I had an immediate response from ADT, and the customer service representative stayed on the phone with me until the police department arrived a few minutes later. I was very stressed about the possibility of an intruder in our home, as there recently have been several break-ins in our neighborhood. The customer service representative on the phone was calm and assured throughout our entire conversation. He helped calm me down and said that he would stay connected with me until help came. While I don’t care to repeat that experience, I am extremely grateful that I had ADT on my side to help me through this incident. I feel safer knowing that I will be protected in the event that something like that happens again in the future. I also want to personally thank the gentleman who took my call and was so reassuring during our telephone conversation. It made the whole situation much less stressful. I am confident that if an intruder did try to break in our house that night, that he was effectively deterred by the home security system that we now have in place.

  4. Our new security system from ADT has brought us quiet and peace. We are all sleeping better at night after the break-in that we had experienced. Plus, the installation team was quick, efficient, and did not leave a mess behind.

  5. I’d much rather be safe and sound so that my mind can rest easy. That’s why I decided on the ADT security system. This system truly is one of a kind. It has an easy to use touch keyboard that allows me to arm the system with a few quick strokes. I’m also able to check in on the system remotely when I’m away. I also always make sure to turn the system on right before I head to bed. I now sleep easily knowing that the ADT security system is helping to keep me safe even during the wee hours of the morning.

  6. It’s unfortunate that we live in a world where we need an electronic security system to help keep us safe. However, living without a security system in today’s day in age is not advisable simply because break-in rates are high all across the country. I chose to install the ADT security system in my home because I heard many good things about how it has a number of highly efficient amenities and is sold at a reasonable price point. The ADT security system is really one of the best on the marketplace today. Security systems really just need to get the job done and with ADT, that’s what this product does! Ever since I had this system installed I have piece of mind and don’t feel anxious or worried about my home. I also really like how the company offers a warranty in case the product malfunctions over time. I doubt I’ll even need to use the warranty since the system is so well made, but it’s nice knowing that it’s there just in case. It goes to show that ADT stands by their product. I highly recommend this service and it should be considered one of the best services on the market today!

  7. There are too many things to worry about in life and while security is definitely important it shouldn’t be something that you have to consistently worry about. Ever since I invested in the ADT security system my mind has been at ease and I’ve been able to rest easy. I set the system using the one-touch panel every night and I also make sure to arm it before I leave for work in the morning. I also like how you are able to access and arm the service remotely using your cellular or wireless device. I’m really pleased with the system and would recommend it to anyone who needs to provide protection to their home!

  8. You will not believe how easy it is to install ADT. My sister and I live together and we’re in a large city. I am an avid believe that crimes happen everywhere. It isn’t just about living in a nice or rough area. Bad things happen everywhere these days and there’s nothing we can do to control that, but we can do our best to protect our own homes. I know ADT was featured on a tech blog over one of the best home security systems at the best prices. I was surprised to see part of the home security system was DIY installation but decided it may be something I was capable of based on the reviews that frequently mentioned how easy it is to setup this alarm system. Sure enough, there’s another ADT DIY installation convert here! It took me all of 25 minutes and that’s from start to finish. The alarm system was up and running and made it easy for me to go on with my plans for the day. When my sister arrived home she was surprised I installed the system on my own, but also with how little time it took! Honestly, for the price and small time commitment, you need ADT protecting your home.

  9. We were with another home security system for years. Their services were unreliable at best. We had the alarm go off twice and got no phone call or response whatsoever. I doubt they even know the alarms went off. That’s an annoying thing to deal with when you visibly see your neighbors’ homes being burglarized. I knew ADT was recommended by a parenting blog and figured it would be worth a shot since we were looking to make a change anyway. I wish I’d done it sooner! ADT is reliable, affordable and their response time is speedy. They’re the best home security system I’ve come across.

  10. I initially ordered a different home security system that is similar to ADT. It claimed to do a lot of the same things, but installation was a pain to say the least! Worst of all their customer service was non-existent and that resulted in us sending that home security system back and ordering ADT. One of the main reasons I ordered ADT was because people specifically called out the amazing customer service, which was a must for me. We are an elderly couple with kids in other states, so we really do not have anyone to help us out when it comes to installing things or technical problems. I needed a company that would throw me a bone if we needed help when installing the new system. The package arrived and I was able to get the system running without calling customer support, but it is reassuring to know I can call them if I have a problem. I know there is also a live chat feature online if that’s more up your alley, but I know we’d be more likely to call them. The motion sensors stick to the interior of windows and doors and they are very easy to get on and stay put without any problems.

  11. After owning ADT for well over a year, I was very happy with their services and the performance of the alarm. We’ve had one scare in that time and the alarm sounded and scared off who or whatever was trying to get in the house. Thankfully we were not home at the time, but it was still a scary experience because we’d seen a lot of burglaries in our neighborhood in the past few months. More recently I called ADT a few weeks ago after our power went down and they were so nice to speak to. They assured me the system would kick back on as it always had without me having to reset it and sure enough, it was fine. I read great things about CS from ADT, but I’d never had to call them because my device always worked well. They really are the nicest people who take their time to help you. That’s what we want from every company, but not everyone is willing to train people like that. I like the motion sensors and we have added two more in the past three months after the burglaries in the area. This will instantly alert us.

  12. My old boss is one of those people that researches things into the ground when looking to buy a new product. That’s what ended up happening with home security systems and how we found out about ADT. It was such a great deal I figured we had nothing to lose by trying it out. Instantly I was impressed with the quality of the device when I opened the package. It is a nice weight and doesn’t look or feel cheap even though it is far less money than other home security systems on the market. Setting it up took 20 minutes.

  13. It’s been about four months with ADT and I am glad we bought it. I didn’t think I would rest easier or feel better just because of a home security system, but it has proven to be a great tool for our home and something I cannot see us going without. We never had a home security system before because they can be very expensive. When you can’t afford that monthly bill, it feels like another defeat which is why we kicked our home security system to the curb about 10 years ago. Lately our neighborhood has felt worse than ever with constant car theft and a few burglaries as well. This isn’t something we wanted to cope with, but we’ve been in our home for 27 years and trust me, these hoodlums are not going to run us out of our area at this point! It’s simply not happening. With ADT I get everything I could want including cameras and a crazy alarm that would scare away Satan himself. When testing ADT the neighbors three doors down could hear it because it was so loud! That is exactly what I was looking for from an alarm! Five stars for ADT.

  14. I searched high and low for the best deal for our country home. Fortunately we have very fast Internet services out there which means the wifi cameras that accompany this home security system work out perfectly for us. You don’t have to overspend to protect your house and that’s what I love about ADT. You will find so many expensive options for home alarms but ADT is the only one that gives you a lot of features without the giant price tag. We have one in both of our homes and recommend ADT to neighbors every time someone moves in.

  15. It’s no wonder people can’t believe a home security system company can be good. Most home security systems from the ‘90s were incredibly expensive and had so much extra stuff the average family doesn’t need unless you are living it up in a huge mansion. I like that ADT lets you customize the home security system so you don’t feel obligated to have all or none. It really lets you create a home security system that’s conducive for your home. The wifi feature is amazing and updates frequently! ADT is the only thing you’ll need for your family, I promise.

  16. I know ADT has great reviews a lot of different places on the web, but it really is an exceptional home security system. I am so impressed with the installation process which is easy as pie and the exceptional customer service. This is something you don’t get from every home security system company and ADT makes it easy to get ahold of them and you aren’t stuck doing everything via live chat. That said, my daughter also has ADT and has used their live chat to troubleshoot twice and had good experiences, enough that she took the time to tell me about them.

  17. The live chat system from ADT works incredibly well. Twice I’ve used it for troubleshooting issues and both problems were sorted quickly. They answer fast and are clear with directions, which always helps as a person who isn’t great with stuff like this.

  18. I really, really like the security offered by the ADT security system. It costs money, but it’s worth it, especially if you own a lot of expensive stuff that you don’t want burglars to steal!

  19. My parents use a ADT home security system. In fact, they have been using this system for years. The point is that when it came time for me to get one so as to protect my own home and my own family, I knew which one to choose. Parents always know best! It helped too that I was already familiar with their ADT security system, which by the way is very, very easy to use. Now, the system I chose is admittedly different. It’s better! It’s an updated one that has more features. It’s even simpler to use and it provides even better protection! I especially love its simplicity. I have kids of my own, so I need them to be able to use it when I am not at home or I am out of town. The best part is that the ADT security system doesn’t suffer from false alarms. The last thing I want to do is annoy my neighbors to death. The point is that the ADT home security system performs its job brilliantly. Plus, the system is very reasonably priced! Anybody should be able to afford it, and trust me when I say that it’s more than worth having!

  20. ADT is a must for those of you who travel frequently for work purposes. It has remote access capabilities that are really important for monitoring your home while you are away. You can literally access it from anywhere. I use this to make sure everything is okay, even while I am sitting in a bar in the middle of Tokyo, Japan. It’s quite an amazing power. Plus, it inspires so much security in me. When I travel, I don’t feel all paranoid like I used to feel. Instead I feel comfortable knowing that my home is completely safe and protected.

  21. Feeling safe and sound is really vital to a good quality of life. No one should be left feeling vulnerable and scared, especially in the comfort of one’s own home. That’s why I decided to make the switch to ADT home security. I had heard that the wireless home security system was very simple to use and was also amazingly effective in scaring off and catching intruders. Luckily, there haven’t been any attempts to break-in to my home but I feel very content knowing that the system is on-guard to protect my family and I. You never know when chaos will strike, so it’s better to be prepared sooner rather than later!

  22. It’s refreshing to have a wireless home security system that works around-the-clock and also one that comes with some decent customer service and protection. ADT is really worth every penny since what you get with the security system is much more than just an alarm!

  23. I never thought I would be one to have a wireless home security system. Heck, I used to live with my doors unlocked. But after hearing of multiple break-ins around my community, I decided to invest in a security system. I chose ADT because I had heard from fellow friends how well the service worked and how it also offered a good amount of other amenities that other services just don’t offer. The biggest differentiator for me was how much you are getting with the service for such a low price point. You’re not just getting a alarm and keypad but you’re getting remote monitoring, 24/7 support, fire and police easy access and even security camera footage. With so many amenities for cheap, you’d be a fool to select any other service!

  24. I have been using the ADT security service for over a decade now and have been really impressed with how well it has been able to withstand the test of time. During my time with the device, I have only had one instance where it had to perform. There was a small fire in my basement. Luckily, the wireless home security system detected the smoke in time and was able to notify the fire department automatically, which had the fire department at my door in no time. I’m really grateful for the security system because it basically helped save my home. It is a extremely beneficial feature that the service is able to automatically notify the police and fire departments when the alarm goes off. I almost find these features even more beneficial than the burglary features. Of course, all the features that the system provides are really first-rate. The service basically does what it sets out to do and that is that it is able to postulate a nice strong piece of mind. There’s just too many other issues in life that I have to worry about, so it’s nice to know that my security system is the watchdog of my home. I will continue to be a loyal customer of the ADT service for years to come!

  25. I recently moved to a new neighborhood which has been very exciting but at the same time very unnerving because I do not know any of my new neighbors. I have three young children and my elderly mother also lives with me. I wanted some peace of mind knowing that they would all be safe when I’m not in the house. As such, I decided to get a ADT wireless home security system. I chose this system because of how much value you receive for the price. The system has many bells and whistles while still also still resembling a true blue security system. It has a touchtone keypad so my mother can use it and then it also has wireless set up devices that can be used from a cellular phone so the system can be set up remotely. This part of the system is really my favorite part. It makes using the system so convenient. Since I travel a lot, it’s nice to know that I can arm and disarm the system from anywhere in the world. It’s also nice knowing that should a burglary or fire arise the security system will automatically notify the local authorities. To be frank, the ADT security system has really changed me and my family’s life while not breaking my bank account!

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