• Control System with a Mobile App
  • Wireless System – No Land Lines
  • Security & Automation Options
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • $34.99 – $49.99 per Month
  • Free Quote Call: 855-873-5593

Frontpoint Reviews

Frontpoint is a popular choice with homeowners looking for a wireless home security system. They offer three plans, each with different components, so users can create a system tailored to their needs and budget. The system is easy to set up, affordably priced and supported by Frontpoint’s professional customer service.

Frontpoint Features

The Frontpoint Wireless Home Security System operates on a secure cellular network. There are no wires to cut, so sabotaging your system is virtually impossible. Plus, the wireless technology allows the customer to view their home at any time from their mobile device or computer. Each plan includes fire monitoring, carbon monoxide detection and Life Safety coverage.

What Does Frontpoint Cost?

There are three Frontpoint security packages available. The Protection Plan is $34.99 a month, and includes security, fire and Carbon Monoxide monitoring, as well as Life Safety coverage for medical emergencies. The Interactive Monitoring Plan costs $44.99 a month, allowing you to monitor and control your system remotely. The Ultimate Monitoring Plan, at $49.99 a month, includes home automation features.

Excellent Customer Service

Your alarm system is about more than just technology. The people behind the system are equally important. Frontpoint professionals are trained to help you. They monitor your system around the clock, all year long. If trouble occurs, they’re able to quickly contact local emergency services and send you the help you need.

Final Review of Frontpoint

Frontpoint’s wireless home security systems offer every household reliable protection against burglary, fire, medical issues and environmental events. The video surveillance allows you to personally monitor your home, in real time, from virtually anywhere. Additionally, Frontpoint professionals monitor your system 24/7, so you’re getting priceless peace of mind. Thank you for reading our Frontpoint reviews.

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40 reviews for “Frontpoint

  1. I am a fan of Frontpoint! Easy to install and even easier to use. It doesn’t get better than that! I was recommended Frontpoint by my boss who is a cheapskate to say the least so I knew it would be easy on my bank account.

  2. I read that Frontpoint was the best home security system and decided to give it a try because I was in the market for a new alarm. Frontpoint is so much better than my previous home security system, which claimed to have wifi features that never worked. I would constantly have to remove and reinstall their app, which was also a pain, especially when I’m out of town. I was tired of fooling with them so I switched to Frontpoint. Frontpoint security was awesome from the beginning and really go out of their way to help you. Great customer service from these people!

  3. I don’t know how I can thank Frontpoint enough for installing our new security system. I feel so much safer now in my home, just knowing that my family is protected from harm.

  4. I love how Frontpoint is so easy to deal with whenever I have a question or concern. From my very first contact with the company to the installation of my alarm system to ongoing maintenance concerns, Frontpoint personnel have always been there to address my needs. I have received only the most kind, courteous, and helpful assistance from every customer service representative with whom I have spoken. I don’t ever hesitate to call when I need something, because I know I will be treated with respect. Too many companies don’t take the time to properly serve their customers, but Frontpoint is different.

  5. We would like to thank Frontpoint for help in choosing, purchasing, and installing our security system. I was able to have all of my questions answered and my concerns addressed, every step of the way.

  6. We have wanted to get a home security system since moving to our new house, but it always fell off the agenda. We looked at a few alarms when we first decided to buy and they were all very expensive. We are in a good neighborhood, but you never know who’ll have a grand idea to try and rob or hurt family members. FrontPoint was recommended by our HOA and when I researched the company I saw they offered some of the best rates for an alarm system. There’s no way I’d switch home security systems because I am paying a very reasonable price for protection.

  7. You never know when crime might strike, so having a home security system to protect you and your family is never a bad idea. With FrontPoint security system, you’ll never feel uneasy or scared because you’ll know that you’re protected from anyone harmful!

  8. The FrontPoint security system really is an all-in-one system that will protect you and your home. Not only is it easy to arm and install, but once you have it up and running there is very little to learn and it can be armed quickly!

  9. I’m very fond of the FrontPoint security system because it’s been a way for me to think less about security and more about other issues in my life. The system is just what I was looking for – an affordable, easy to use, effective security system. As a consumer I knew that I had many choices when it came to selecting the right system to fit my needs. I chose the FrontPoint security system because of how many features are included at such a reasonable price point. My favorite part about the system is how I’m able to access the system via a wireless remote. I use this feature when I’m away from my home, especially during the day when I want to check-in on my home. Another nice feature is the ability to set up multiple passcodes, including a temporary pin for guests in your home. I’ll be using the system for years to come and think it will be my only brand of choice for the short term. What’s also great about the system is how it is set up to the fire, police and ambulance services which can come in handy during a crisis. I’ll be using the system for the near future for sure!

  10. The FrontPoint security system is ranked high on the list of security systems for a reason. This system really is first-rate and unbelievable. It can be armed remotely and is also linked directly to fire and police depts. Check it out!

  11. Security systems are becoming commonplace in our society. With tons of systems on the market it was really overwhelming to choose a system that fits all my needs. I really did some heavy consumer shopping and landed on the FrontPoint security system. This system was really a good investment because it’s simple to use and set up and is very durable. Not only that but it comes with a nice warranty and is linked in the fire and police departments should a break-in occur. There are also buttons on the system that can be pressed to get in contact with the authorities. Anyone looking for a security system should really consider FrontPoint. You won’t regret it!

  12. I really did some consumer shopping prior to selecting the FrontPoint security system. This system has so many beneficial features that it’s really one worth checking out! I’ve been really impressed and will certainly be using it for years!

  13. I like Frontpoint because I was able to take it from my apartment to my condo when I moved. This isn’t possible with all home security systems, so keep that in mind when shopping for your next alarm.

  14. I don’t even know why we bothered with the conventional home security system for so long. Frontpoint is far cheaper and just as effective. We live in a tough area and an alarm is a must and Frontpoint gets the job done.

  15. The siren on Frontpoint is very loud. That’s what I think is the best thing for us because the thieves in our area get scared away by this in seconds. My sister said Frontpoint was the real deal as far as home security systems go and she was right.

  16. The alarm on this thing is insane! Get ready to scare the neighborhood or wake them all up should it go off. This home security system from Frontpoint is top notch and worth every penny in my book.

  17. I am quite the frugal shopper so when a co-worker told me about Frontpoint I knew it was something I really wanted to look into since we’ve been overpaying for an alarm. This home security system was made for the pick customer.

  18. Frontpoint is a great system. It’s no wonder you read such great things about it all over the web. It is affordable and works when you need it to, which is what matters most. I am glad I installed it.

  19. It seems everything in our society has changed including home security systems. You no longer have to be locked into a contract that eats away at your bank account every month. Frontpoint is the future of home security systems because they have dramatically cut costs compared to what we’re used to and If you haven’t priced home security systems in over 10 years, stop throwing your money down the drain and opt for Frontpoint. This gives you things like a wifi camera and motion sensors, all of which make it even easier to keep an eye on your home. There’s no way you will find a more efficient and affordable home alarm. With Frontpoint you aren’t trading quality for a cheaper price. I have seen Frontpoint compared to a few of the major home alarms that still make you stay on a contract for their services and Frontpoint can go head-to-head with the competition. Installation could not be easier and their live chat allows you to troubleshoot any problems online without waiting on the phone. Frontpoint comes with pre-settings but you can easily change these zones in your home by following the instructions in the manual. This is the most cost effective way to stay safe these days.

  20. I didn’t realized I’d have to DIY install Frontpoint but it was actually quite easy! I was pleasantly surprised and I know this home security system has exceptional reviews online which makes me feel great about the purchase.

  21. I read a lot about wifi home security systems. I didn’t think it would be as good as my previous contract service which had all of the usual bells and whistles you’re used to from some of the big name home alarm systems. Frontpoint doesn’t have a ton of extras but trust me, they are enough for the average home. You do not have to worry that you are getting lesser service when you switch to Frontpoint. They are an amazing company dedicated to customer service and will help you with anything you need. That says a lot about a company.

  22. Frontpoint does not feel or perform like a cheap product. It is definitely for the frugal shopper and I think for home security systems, Frontpoint gives you the most for your money no matter what stage of life you’re in.

  23. The wifi cameras are so easy to install with Frontpoint. I added two more about six months in because I wanted eyes on the side of our house which is on the corner of a street. This is the only home security system you need.

  24. My son and his girlfriend were downstairs and I was on the phone when someone tried to get in through our garage door. We were the goofs who left the big door open, but Frontpoint sounded and instantly scared the intruder away. We were very thankful since there have been a string of break-ins in our city for the past couple of months and sometimes in the day when people are home! Burglars are getting bold and this home security system does what it can to keep you safe. Nothing is 100% safe, but this gives you a buffer from bad guys.

  25. The Frontpoint home security system is simply out of this world. Everything from its incredible verbal response times to the number of sensors it comes with has impressed me! Frontpoint is seriously the best home security system I have tried thus far, and I’m 65!

  26. If you want to be able to monitor your home while you are at work, at the doctor’s office or wherever, then I assure you that the Frontpoint home security system is your best option! It’s out of this world! It’s great for making sure that your home, your loved ones, your pets and your belongings are always okay! And in case anything does happen, you know that the authorities will be there right away. Something bad might still happen, but this at least greatly lowers the possibility. A burglar would have to be crazy to try to get past this system!

  27. Another rave review for Frontpoint. The wifi cameras are great for us because our kids are always coming and going. This way we can make sure they’re safe when they’re in the house when we’re still at work in the evening.

  28. You will not find a more courteous staff than the folks at Frontpoint. My parents use Frontpoint as their home security system and they are always quick to answer questions and take the time to teach my parents how to use the cameras correctly.

  29. I swear that the Frontpoint home security is the ultimate in home security for those of you who travel a lot like me. It also saves money. I don’t have to pay my neighbor to check in every single day!

  30. Frontpoint is the ultimate in home security systems! If you are worried about your family’s safety, then I hope you do like I did and get the Frontpoint home security system right away! It provides 24/7/365 monitoring. If the burglar alarm goes off, the police respond right away. You don’t even have to worry about getting to a phone, which can obviously be a problem if your home is getting burglarized. The system itself takes care of it for you once it detects an intrusion. There has never been a simpler and more stream-lined way to protect yourself and your family. I guarantee it!

  31. I originally decided to choose Frontpoint because of the affordable price-point, but I’ve been extremely happy with my decision. The wireless home security system is very reliable and even works when the power goes out. I’m very happy with my decision.

  32. Whether I’m in my home or away, having Frontpoint security always gives me some peace of mind. I feel around-the-clock protection and the best part is that the wireless home security system is affordable and easy to use!

  33. Frontpoint security is built with the homeowner in mind. The wireless home security system is so user-friendly yet it is robust enough to prevent a burglar from trying to hack it. It’s like my own personal protective army guiding my home and I.

  34. You never know when you will need protection, which is why I decided to purchase Frontpoint wireless home security system. From the beginning the service has been exceptional. During the installation process I didn’t have to touch a thing. A professional installed the security service in a timely manner. It was easy to get an appointment as well. The installation happened only a week after I ordered the service, which I thought was a pretty fast turn-around time. The customer service is really excellent since the service man who installed the security system showed me exactly how to operate it. But that’s not where the good service stopped, I was also able to follow up with the company’s service and support hotline afterwards.

  35. In today’s age, it’s really necessary to have a wireless home security system for full peace of mind. I’ve always had Frontpoint and am very happy with my decision. I haven’t had an issues with the system and always feel protected.

  36. After a series of break-ins occurred in my neighborhood, I knew it was time for me to invest in a wireless home security system. I chose Frontpoint because of it’s easy installation process and superior customer service. It’s a decision that I do not regret!

  37. With Frontpoint home security, no unwanted visitors are getting into my home! I’m really impressed with how great the wireless home security system works. I truly believe that it is one of the best systems on the market today.

  38. I never was one to have a security system, but after recently living on my own I knew that I would feel more secure with one. I chose Frontpoint because of the wireless home security system’s reasonable price-point.

  39. You never know when a crime might strike, so it’s really imperative to have a wireless home security system. In my opinion, Frontpoint security is really the best out there. It’s so easy to set up and I know I can count on it to work in a time of need!

  40. I wanted a wireless home security system that was secure, easy to use and one that would function properly. With Frontpoint security I have found that system. It is virtually fault free and I feel confident that it will deliver in an hour of need.

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