• Company Created by a Homeowner
  • Use a Portable Tablet for Control
  • Most Plans Include Fire Monitoring
  • System Features Layered Backup
  • $29.99 – $40.99 per Month
  • Free Quote Call: 888-366-8170

LifeShield Reviews

The LifeShield wireless home security system is very popular among homeowners, partly because a homeowner created the company himself over 10 years ago. With many patents, LifeShield boasts unique security technologies. Homeowners can feel confident that the system will be there in the event of a break-in, environmental event or other unexpected emergency.

LifeShield Features

An alarm system is only effective if it’s operating, and LifeShield offers four levels of back-up to ensure your system is always powered and ready. By combining the internet, a cellular signal, a landline and a battery back-up system, your home will be protected no matter what on-site damage the system takes.

Environmental & Medical Monitoring

LifeShield offers protection from break-ins, fire, carbon monoxide and basically anything else which can damage your home. Additionally, LifeShield also offers medical monitoring. This includes a standard panic button, a portable panic button and a panic button on the Life View app. Medical monitoring is included with every security package for no extra charge.

What Does LifeShield Cost?

The Premium Plus package costs $40.99 a month and offers 24/7 alarm monitoring, fire and carbon monoxide protection and complete wireless video streaming. The Gold Package offers 24/7 alarm monitoring as well as fire and carbon monoxide protection for $35.99 a month. The Value Plan costs $29.99 a month and includes 24/7 professional alarm monitoring.

Excellent Customer Service

LifeShield representatives will help you determine which plan will best fit both your environment and budget. Once you determine which plan is for you, LifeShield will even help you install your new system. If you’d like to save some money, you can also install the system yourself – most customers find it’s pretty easy to self-install.

Final Review of LifeShield

Unlike a traditional wall-mounted unit, your LifeShield is operated from a portable tablet. You can bring the tablet with you from room to room, and help for any emergency is only one button away. It provides great peace of mind. Thank you for reading our LifeShield reviews.

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13 reviews for “LifeShield

  1. I was pleasantly surprised by Lifeshield! After using it for six months I feel it is due time to write a review about this nifty device. This home security system is affordable, excellent quality and easy to use, even for teens in the house. I thought it may be complicated to install since it’s DIY, but it only took me half an hour before I had both cameras online and could view them through the Lifeshield app. This is a major perk for the concerned homeowner. If you’re on the hunt for a solid home alarm, Lifeshield is it. Spending any more is a waste of money.

  2. I bought Lifeshield on a whim without doing too much research. Lifeshield setup with zero problems and I am glad to report this is a home security system that gives you the best of modern security like wifi cameras.

  3. You will not believe how easy Lifeshield is to install. I had to call CS twice and both reps were very helpful and nice to work with! I haven’t experienced that type of CS in ages and for that this home security system will always get my business.

  4. Lifeshield is everything they say it is. No empty promises here and awesome customer service you won’t find from the big name home security systems. I love that Lifeshield is available for live chat too.

  5. I like that Lifeshield lets me add cameras. Other home security systems don’t do this and it’s a problem when you have a large home with a back door, a side door and an entry way to the garage.

  6. Imagine being able to travel the world without worrying about your home. That’s exactly the type of security and peace of mind you get with the Lifeshield home security system. It really makes me feel much better about my belongings!

  7. The Lifeshield home security system is incredible! My favorite thing about it is so easy to use! I’ve tried lots of systems during the course of my life, and none of them were this simple to operate!

  8. They are simply amazing! It’s fast, it’s high-tech and it’s affordable! You can’t get any better than that! I really recommend investing in this system, versus the other home security systems on the market, if you are serious about maintaining the utmost in home security. It has everything that is needed to ensure you never become a victim of a burglar or some other sleazy piece of crap. It’s reliable, it’s affordable and the Lifeshield agents are really nice and easy to work with. Overall, I’m impressed and give this system four stars in addition to extra credit!

  9. After a recent break-in at my home, I knew that I needed some security protection. I chose Lifeshield because of the many amenities that are included in the wireless home security system. Not to mention, the system is very affordable on any budget!

  10. The point of a security system is to make you feel protected, safe and secure. I would say that I always feel safe with Lifeshield wireless home security system. It’s like my own little police force that protects my home and I.

  11. Lifeshield security system is truly one of the best on the market today. I do not have any doubt of the system’s true power. My electricity was out for a week but I wasn’t concerned because of my wireless home security system’s ability to work even when the lights go out.

  12. There’s no need for you to have any fear when the Lifeshield home security system is here! While not all of us are fortunate enough to have our own security force on hand, anyone can have their own wireless home security system for a small price point. The Lifeshield system is perfect for any homeowner who wants to ensure the safety and protection of you and your family. With so many security systems on the marketplace, it was difficult for me to choose the best system. But once I heard that the system has 24/7 customer service and can even be monitored remotely, I was sold. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the price point for the service fell perfectly in my budget.

  13. Lifeshield security system really knows how to protect its customers! Once the wireless home security system is set up, it can be activated quickly and easily. The feature I like the most is how it can be activated remotely, so I can set it up even when away from my home.

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