• Professional and Self-Monitored Settings
  • Notifications Over Wireless Networks
  • Smartphone Alarm Panel Access
  • Change Plan Without Surprise Fees
  • Costs as Low as $19.95 Per Month

LiveWatch Reviews

With headquarters in St. Marys, Kansas and an office in Evanston, Illinois, LiveWatch has revolutionized the security industry by introducing modern standards that put you in control. Over 200,000 protected customers in all 50 states have trusted LiveWatch for over 13 years thanks to their straightforward business practices. Forget hidden fees, short cancellation periods, and other archaic non-sense. LiveWatch is the future and the future is now.

LiveWatch Security Features

When you sign up with LiveWatch, they pre-configure your system for you with only the sensors you need. Since they all use wireless technology, there’s no need for an installer to come to your home and no chance for an intruder to cut the power or phone line to your home to deactivate the system. If a door or window is opened or movement detected inside, you’ll receive an immediate notification on your smartphone. If you don’t respond to it, LiveWatch will dispatch the local police to ensure your home is always safe.

What Makes LiveWatch Security Unique?

In addition to the wireless technology, what sets LiveWatch apart from other companies is their customer-friendly business approach. Their honesty and transparency means that you aren’t going to be surprised by auto-renewals with ridiculous rate hikes, long contracts with minimal cancellation periods, and hidden fees every time you turn around. Simply put, they don’t play games or lock you into anything. With LiveWatch, just like your security, you are in charge of your account and money.

What Does LiveWatch Security Cost

LiveWatch provides three packages with increasing amounts of protection. At $19.95 per month, you will enjoy 24/7 monitoring and the rapid alarm resolution through the secure wireless networking. Add on smartphone control and panel protection for a total of $29.95 per month. Panel protection means that you are protected from scheming friends or family members who attempt to disable your panel while being allowed in your home. The best plan costs only $39.95 that adds on home automation. This allows you to set timers to control all of your locks and sensors, thermostat, and more on a timer so you don’t have to enable them daily.

Excellent Customer Service

LiveWatch’s fantastic customer service has earned them recognition with some of the largest publications around, including a 4.9/5.0 star review averaged out over 1113 reviews and counting. Accessing your account, customer info, and troubleshooting is all a breeze through the official website. You’ll appreciate saving time by first searching through the knowledgebase of FAQ’s, chatting live with an employee, submitting a help ticket, or picking up the phone to talk to a live person. When it comes to security, time is of the essence and LiveWatch understands this more than anyone.

Final Review of LiveWatch Security

LiveWatch Security is best option for keeping your home and family safe due to their advanced technology and business practices. Through wireless communications, location-independent control, and home automation, your alarm system will always be engaged and ready to notify you and the LiveWatch professionals any time something goes awry at home. This is why LiveWatch is one of the most respected security companies in the business. Thank you for reading our LiveWatch reviews.

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15 reviews for “LiveWatch

  1. Thanks, Livewatch, for designing and installing such an effective security system for my business. Your technicians were polite, informed, and efficient throughout the installation process. You made this process much easier than we had anticipated.

  2. I never thought I’d need a home security system, but when I saw all the beneficial features the LiveWatch security system has coupled with the low price point, I figured I would give it a try. It has really been a nice decision and I always feel safe at home!

  3. You really need to lookout for your home and property since there’s lot of people out there who don’t always have the best intensions. LiveWatch home security system is what every homeowner should invest in. It’s simply a must have!

  4. My home feels 100% secure now that the LiveWatch security system is protecting it. I’ve had this system installed for a couple years and have never had any issues. I make sure to arm it whenever I’m away from the home and it makes me rest easy!

  5. After my home suffered a break-in, I knew that I needed to invest in a heavy-duty security system. I chose the LiveWatch security system because it seemed to be very easy to set up and the price point fit well into my budget. I’m happy I chose this system because since installing it a few months ago there was another break-in attempt at my home. Luckily, the system scared away the burglars so nothing bad happened. Police were at my home within five minutes of the alarm sounding and I even received a call from the security company directly. I’ll definitely be using LiveWatch security system for the rest of my life!

  6. Security is really a top priority for my family and me. If you don’t have safety in your home then you can really be uneasy. I invested in the LiveWatch security system and have never been happier! I’ll certainly have this system for some time.

  7. There are too many things to worry about in life and while security is definitely important it shouldn’t be something that you have to consistently worry about. Ever since I invested in the LiveWatch security system my mind has been at ease and I’ve been able to rest easy. I set the system using the one-touch panel every night and I also make sure to arm it before I leave for work in the morning. I also like how you are able to access and arm the service remotely using your cellular or wireless device. I’m really pleased with the system and would recommend it to anyone who needs to provide protection to their home!

  8. Crime is really an issue in the community where I live so I knew that it was important to make sure that all my assets are safe and secure. That’s why I invested in the LiveWatch security system. This system is very practical and functional and I highly recommend it!

  9. I like that the zoning options on Livewatch means you can have the alarm activated and still walk around the house comfortably at night if you get up. Not all home security systems allow this and it is a pain in the butt for those of us who are light sleepers.

  10. Livewatch was recommended to us by my in-laws. I wanted to get a home security system that didn’t cost a fortune and Livewatch is that system. The alarm is loud and reliable, which is all we need for our home.

  11. Livewatch doesn’t have a ton of bells and whistles and that’s what we want in our home security system. We just wanted something basic and that’s what you get with Livewatch. It takes care of what it needs to.

  12. I am thrilled with LiveWatch so far. It’s been six months and I’ve had zero hiccups with this home security system. It’s easy to use and very reliable in our experience. This is what we needed.

  13. LiveWatch has all of the things you need in a home security system and nothing you don’t. I love that LiveWatch gives you the option of extra cameras. We plan on adding more when we move.

  14. I saw LiveWatch on a site that follows DIY-ers working on second properties. We are fixing up a rental property and have zero electrical done which is why LiveWatch appealed to me. It runs on wifi which is brilliant if you have wifi on the property because you can get this home security system off the ground without having to run wires. I like that LiveWatch is easy to use. I have people coming and going from the property all of the time during the day, but at night we do not want any squatters or anyone else at the house. That’s where the motion sensors come into play and they work perfectly.

  15. I love LiveWatch because it gives me the protection I need. I moved to a new city alone and this home security system fit my budget without going overboard. I’m thankful my cousin recommended it.

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