Protect America

  • Wireless System Provides Protection
  • System Controllable from Anywhere
  • Affordably priced for all users
  • Trained Professionals Available 24/7
  • Priced at $19.99 – $42.99 per Month
  • Free Quote Call 888-325-6654

Protect America Reviews

Criminals have been increasingly sophisticated. If your house has a wired alarm system, thieves can analyze and neutralize that system quite easily. By simply cutting the wires, your system won’t be able to detect a break-in. Protect America’s wireless home security system is the perfect solution. Secure cellular technology means there are no wires to cut.

Protect America Features

Video monitoring not only prevents crime, it’s also a tremendous help in identifying culprits. With wireless technology, video is stored in the air, where it remains unaffected by any equipment damage. Plus, with a wireless system, you’re able to control the alarm remotely. The Z-Wave appliance module allows you to control other appliances as well, such as lamps and small appliances.

What Does Protect America Cost?

The Copper Package runs $19.99 a month and includes one Simon XT panel, one motion detector and three door/window sensors. The Silver Package costs $37.99 a month and includes one Simon XT panel, one motion detector and 10 door/window sensors. The Platinum Package costs $42.99 a month and includes one Simon XT panel, one motion detector and 15 door/window sensors.

Excellent Customer Service

For over 20 years, Protect America has provided security for houses, apartments and businesses across the country. As important as the technology is, you also want security agents you can depend on. Protect America monitors your security around the clock, never leaving you unguarded. They coordinate with authorities in your area, so you get the power of a national security service with the speed of local emergency services.

Final Review of Protect America Security

Protect America’s wireless home security system provides reliable security complete with video surveillance. Plus, professionals not only monitor your system day and night, they’re also available during set-up, installation and any other time when you have a question or concern. Overall, they provide comfortable peace of mind for you and your family. We hope you enjoyed reading our Protect America reviews.

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34 reviews for “Protect America

  1. We’ve had Protect America in our home for a year now and so far, so good. I wanted to give Protect America plenty of time to work in our home before I wrote a review, but it has been smooth sailing since we installed it. Installation for this home security system was very simple and it was easy to follow the directions to install Protect America properly. I am not one to love the DIY process, but this is a really easy setup that anyone can pull off with confidence. The customer service with Protect America is also great, as we’ve had to call them a couple of times in the past year just for troubleshooting.

  2. If you are in need of a home security system, definitely check out Protect America. We had a different home security system at our old house and it was alright at best. We did have an incident where there was an accident with the alarm and the cops were dispatched without the security company bothering to call us to make sure it was a valid incident. The cops were actually quite rude about the incident and it was a true accident because of our two large dogs. I mean accidents happen and Protect America understands this which is why they give you a call to make sure it is a real emergency. If you do not answer, authorities are dispatched and there is a code to give them in the event of an accident. For me, this is the best system since with three young kids and two large dogs, I always worry they are going to inadvertently set something off. The last thing I want to do is deal with the cops again. Though we’ve had Protect America for six months, we just implemented the wifi portion of Protect America and it is awesome to be able to see the house in the day when we’re at work.

  3. I thought Protect America would be a pain to install, but on the contrary it is very easy to work! I am happy with this home security system so far and I like that you can add additional cameras if needed, which we will when we finish renovations.

  4. The best part about getting a security system from Protect America is knowing that we are protected. The installation process was so simple – the professional installers from Protect America arrived promptly and worked hard to get it installed quickly.

  5. I have had three other security systems before the one I purchased from Protect America, but none of them compare to this one. The installation process was quick and performed by experienced professionals. Not too long ago, the alarm went off while I was away from home. I received a phone call immediately and by the time I arrived at home, the police were already there and had checked everything out for me. I was impressed with the response time I received, even if there was no true emergency at the time. I appreciate the peace of mind that I have gained from this system.

  6. I have to give credit to Protect America for giving us a great experience when having our security system installed recently. Everyone has been so helpful and nice! I couldn’t have asked for better customer service throughout the installation process.

  7. With so many different types of security systems on the market, it definitely was a bit challenging to determine which one was the best for me. The Protect America security system really fits my needs well because it comes fully equipped with a number of easy to set arming devices. I also like how the system can be armed from anywhere and that it’s easily linked to the local authorities. Not only that but the system is also under warranty so if it ever malfunctions I know that a representative from the company will be out to fix it. Speaking of, the Protect America security system also has superior customer service! I’m definitely head over heels for this system!

  8. Sometimes it’s necessary to be extra cautious in order to make sure you are prepared in a time of need. That’s why I decided to invest in the Protect America security system. This system is really quite beneficial to my life because it does a fine job of protecting my family and me from any possible threats to our safety. It’s really easy to set up the security system and it really doesn’t require any maintenance. If anything goes wrong with the system though, all you need to do is make a quick call to customer service and someone will be on their way to service in no time! I’m really digging this system!

  9. Security systems are becoming commonplace in our society. With tons of systems on the market it was really overwhelming to choose a system that fits all my needs. I really did some heavy consumer shopping and landed on the Protect America security system. This system was really a good investment because it’s simple to use and set up and is very durable. I found out about this system from a friend who actually mentioned that this is the same type of system that is used by some of the biggest companies on the planet. You know that this system has to be reputable when the big players are using it to protect their merchandise and products. Not only that but it comes with a nice warranty and is linked in the fire and police departments should a break-in occur. I haven’t had to use this feature too much yet, but it’s comforting knowing that I’m linked to the authorities in a crisis. There are also buttons on the system that can be pressed to get in contact with the authorities should I need to press them myself. Anyone looking for a security system should really consider Protect America. You won’t regret it!

  10. I knew I needed a security system when I moved into a new neighborhood and I was living alone. I chose the Protect America security system because it gives me just what I needed and was looking for. It was easy to set up and it works really well. It’s easy to set up with just a few strokes of the keypad and can be armed wireless from just about anywhere in the world. I’m going to be using this security system for many years to come because I know that it will last. Should there ever be an issue, at least customer support is only a call away!

  11. In an ideal world we wouldn’t need to have any type of security systems in our homes, but the reality is you can’t trust anyone. I’ve installed the Protect America security system and have to say that it has really been easy to use. It’s worth a consideration!

  12. I thought Protect America may be a cheap home security system. And by that I mean I thought the hardware and device itself would be poorly made. Because of the price I thought the company would have to skimp elsewhere in order to make the product cost effective. Wow! I can confidently say Protect America is not subpar to more expensive home alarms in any way! We’re talking about a home security system that is comfortable to use regularly and has great picture quality from the cameras that run on wifi. I recommend this alarm to anyone who doesn’t have an alarm or who wants to pay less.

  13. Recently divorced, I have to admit I feel a little less safe with a man in the house. It’s me and three elementary-aged kids, so we aren’t used to being alone. I know I want my kids to feel as safe as they did when their dad lived here, which is why I brought in the big guns with Protect America. I explained to them what a home security system did and you could tell everyone was relieved to have this protection in our home. I installed Protect America on a Saturday morning and I was glad it was fast to install since we had a school event at 11 a.m. Protect America was setup in seconds and I was able to customize the motion sensors. I also added an extra wifi camera to the side of the house. Because we’re on the corner of the street, this has always been a vulnerable area. With all of these add-ons it makes it easy to feel safe and know Protect America is doing a great job of protecting your home. My children don’t mess with the alarm, but as they get older I won’t have any problem trusting them to use this home security system.

  14. I found out about Protect America through my mother-in-law. Her handyman installed it for her, but she told me it was very easy to install as per his comments. I decided to order Protect America for myself because a home security system was something we’d discussed and just put on the list of things-we’ll-never-get-around-to. It happens and it wasn’t anyone’s fault but I was ready to be proactive and get our home protected. I like that arrived fast and it truly was easy to install. You will not have to worry about the installation process because it is explained well in the manual. I know Protect America# was on a local news show about home security systems and I think that’s how the handyman learned about it. I am glad I heard about this through the grapevine because it is the most affordable way to protect your house an alarm that doesn’t lock you into a contract. I put an extra camera in my garage because I have a door that leads to the house there and I want to make sure no one tries to get in that way. If the motion detector on the garage goes off I’ll be able to see what’s happening in the garage with the tap of the app. Nice!

  15. My father told me about Protect America. I am four states west from my parents and living on my own for my first adult job. I love the freedom but I want to be safe at the same time. It isn’t every day you end up with robberies at a neighbor’s house and I wanted to make sure I am not the next in line. I bought Protect America online and it arrived in a few days. I started using it on a Sunday night and sure enough the next Tuesday there was yet another robbery! I love that Protect America will alert me if someone tips the motion sensor. This is what every house needs and it’s affordable too.

  16. Protect America is worth every penny. When it comes to protecting your family, a solid home security system is a must and Protect America takes care of your home on all fronts without the high price tag. I’m glad we researched the subject and found Protect America.

  17. Six weeks of owning Protect America and so far, so good! We recently moved to a new neighborhood and since our contract was up with our previous home security system we decided to look at our options. So many of us pay these mindless fees that could be a little or a lot less! That was certainly the case with our home security system. The old system was four times the monthly fee of Protect America! It is outrageous when you think about it. We are happy to have cut this bill into a fraction of what it once was thanks to Protect America. I originally read about Protect America online and then my old boss, who I still speak with frequently, said he put it in his house. I knew it would be easy to install because this guy isn’t very handy! It was a breeze to install and does not require any wiring whatsoever, which is what makes it so effective for many of us looking for a wifi home security system. This is the wave of the future and it makes sense for those who want the basics of a home security system and do not want to pay a ton of money.

  18. My friends said Protect America was the best home security system they’ve used and also got a system for their donut shop. I’d thought about getting an alarm for years but never took the plunge until Protect America and this is exactly what I wanted.

  19. I knew Protect America was the right home security system for us after reading loads of reviews online. I am surprised we didn’t take the plunge and buy a home security system earlier, but in some ways I’m glad we waited until we found the alarm that was right for us. The setup process took about an hour and that’s for our large home which is about 5,000 square feet. We have added an extra camera to our backyard entryway and it makes it easy to see the wooded area, which can feel threatening at times. Still, this is our home and with Protect America I definitely feel safer.

  20. I don’t know what took me so long to order Protect America. I saw it in a magazine and then some people at work were talking about home security systems and someone mentioned Protect America. I didn’t think Protect America could be that great considering the case, but it is just the two of us (no kids) so I guess we’re not as concerned with our safety as others. With our recent move to a new apartment, I thought this was a good time to implement the home security system and see how it improved things. We do not live in a bad area, but it is nice to be able to see what’s going on. Our apartments have outdoor hallways, which means anyone who gets into the complex is able to walk up to our place so the wifi cameras come in very handy. We also have one on our terrace, which is on the ground floor. When you look at the price compared to your security, it is well worth the cost and Protect America is much cheaper than other home security systems on the market. I would not use any other home security system now that I’ve had Protect America in our home.

  21. I read about Protect America online and decided to do some additional research before ordering. One of the major perks of Protect America is you can take it with you. For me, this is perfect because it means I am not wasting money and can take Protect America to my next condo. I move about once a year due to work and this is the best home security system for renters! I also like that the cameras offer high quality pictures when you view your home on the app. I have seen a lot of home security cameras that has terrible picture quality but Protect America is great.

  22. After moving twice this year, I am finally happy to be settled in my own house! My job has been chaotic as of late and that caused a lot of moving and renting, which isn’t my favorite but it was I had to do at the time. Now I have purchased a quaint little bungalow and could not be happier. My excitement was quickly dashed when on the second night of living here my next door neighbor’s car was stolen. Great start to the new place, eh? I’m not one to wait around until I’m next so I bought Protect America online and installed it that weekend. It has been awesome so far and I love that I was able to order an extra camera. This house has a side entrance too, which makes a great entry point for both me when I’m handling loads of groceries, and burglars. To keep things safe, I installed a camera at that entry point and now I can see all access points of the house on the Protect America app. I feel like I’m protected and know Protect America is on my side if something goes wrong. Now I’m back to enjoying the house! Thanks Protect America!

  23. I cannot say enough good things about the Protect America home security system. It is an amazing home security solution that trumps anything I have ever used before. My favorite thing about Protect America is that it works 24/7, meaning you get all-day, everyday protection Monday through Sunday. This is really important to have, especially if you have a family like I do. I hated always worrying about my family’s safety, especially in this day and age where it seems bad things happen all the time. Well, I don’t have to worry anymore, all thanks to the Protect America home security system. It’s truly terrific!

  24. Protect America is a home security system you can trust. When my grandfather had an intruder in his home, Protect America sent the cops immediately and the guy was caught within two blocks of grandpa’s house. I am so glad we bought Protect America.

  25. The Protect America home security system is just perfect for me! I am in love with it and its simplicity! It detects intrusion so well! My family and I tested it out multiple times, and it never failed to detect our presence! The moment it detects something, it alerts the authorities and turns on a very, very loud alarm that is bound to scare away any would-be burglar. I’m so impressed, and so is my family! For once in my life I feel like I don’t have to worry 24/7 about the safety and well-being of my spouse, my kids, my pets and my home. Thank you, Protect America!

  26. I use the Protect America home security system to record my home every single day while I am away from home. It seems paranoid, but I don’t like taking risks! Overall, I’m pretty impressed with Protect America!

  27. The Protect America home security system is just simply an amazing home security system! It has provided my family and I with an incredible level of comfort and security. We feel safe when we are at home. But we also feel secure about our belongings when we’re away. Thank you, Protect America!

  28. I am very impressed with the Protect America home security system. The recent upsurge in burglaries in my neighborhood was starting to make me nervous, so I just got Protect America installed in my home last week. First I want to point out that it’s been very easy to learn. Everything is so high-tech these days! Even my elderly grandmother is able to operate it without difficulty! This system surely beats out all the crappy home alarm systems I have tried in the past. Overall, I think this is a good solution for both individuals and families who need better home security and protection.

  29. There’s just too much uncertainty in this world to be left unprotected. That’s why I decided to get the Protect America wireless home security system. I’m really happy that I did because the system really provides me with peace of mind whether I am at home or on-the-go. The best part of the system is that it can be activated remotely. I really like this feature because I can check to make sure that my home is doing well and that the system is on properly. This feature is especially beneficial when away on a long trip or vacation. I recommend this security system to anyone who wants reliable protection!

  30. I like things to be as easy and uncomplicated as possible. Luckily I found Protect America security system, because it not only protects my home but the service easily fits into my lifestyle. It’s so simple to set the wireless home security system whether at home or on-the-go!

  31. You should never be unprepared. A burglary can strike at any moment, you just never know when. The best way to be prepared is through a wireless home security companies. It has to be reliable though otherwise the system is pretty useless. Luckily I came across the Protect America service recently and have been content ever since I made the switch. The service is great because it provides some real piece of mind. Whether I’m on the go or at home I know that I’ll be OK when the service is in use. Protect America is really just a great service, so I hope that more people continue to use it!

  32. Wireless home security systems are really a necessity for anyone who wants to live with a strong peace of mind. What good is having a nice house and belongings if they are not protected? That’s what I asked myself recently, which is why I decided to invest in the Protect America security system. For such a low price-point, I was able to get a high-value security service that I know will help protect my home and I. What I like best about the service though is how it is very simple to use. All it takes is a few quick keystrokes and the system is activated and ready for use. I’m not worried about the system being hacked either, because the minute it goes offline, the customer support team will call to check up.

  33. Protect America wireless home security system is remarkable and truly life changing. It is always there to serve and protect my family and the best part is that it does not talk back! I can set the keypad and go!

  34. There’s too much uncertainty in the world to have a home that is not protected by a wireless home security system. Since there are so many different types of services out there, it’s really important to make sure that you’re settled with one that will do the job right. Ever since I purchased the Protect America service I know that my home will be protected at all times. I’m never worried whether I’m away from my home or at home alone. I know that I am in good hands when the Protect America system is turned on. After all, the point of the security system is to create a piece of mind and it does that and more!

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