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  • Expert Home Automation Features
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  • Monthly Costs Range $53.99 – $69.99
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Vivint Reviews

For over 13 years, Vivint has been not only a leader in home security, but in total home automation. Your entire system, from door locks to alarms to even small appliance operation, can be easily accessed from your smartphone or internet device. Plus, because the system is wireless, it’s practically impervious to tampering and damage.

Vivint Features

Every Vivint package comes with a touchscreen panel, three door/window sensors, a motion detector, a key fob and a yard sign. You can control your system with the free app and through the Vivint Life wireless communication system. The Vivint Live system allows you to talk to a Vivint monitoring station at the push of a button on the LCD touchscreen. It even works when the power is out!

What Does Vivint Cost?

The Home Security Plan costs $53.99 and detects broken windows, motion, smoke and Carbon Monoxide. The Energy Efficient Plan costs $59.99 a month and automatically turns off small components around your house and regulates your thermostat. The Home Automation Plan offers everything in the other two plans, plus full video surveillance for only $69.99.

Excellent Customer Service

Vivint representatives are always available. They can help you select, set-up and operate every aspect of your system. With monitoring centers all across the U.S and Canada, you’re never far from help. Vivint’s experts are specially trained to handle any type of emergency, and work closely with the emergency services in your area.

Final Review of Vivint

Each Vivint package will protect your from intruders, fires and other dangers. But that’s just the start. With the automated options, you can control your entire household from your smartphone. Unlock the door for visitors. Turn lights on as the sun goes down. Turn off small appliances. Watch a live feed of your house, from wherever you are. We hope you enjoyed reading our Vivint reviews.

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29 reviews for “Vivint

  1. I am so glad we bought Vivint when we did. The house across the street from us was burglarized after we installed Vivint, but that was during a string of burglaries in our area. They have not been able to catch the perp, but with Vivint I feel we’re doing all we can to prevent ourselves from becoming victims. They completely cleaned out our neighbors’ home including all of the electronics the kids play with, and I am not in a position to replace all of those things if our home was burglarized. Vivint works and the alarm on this bad boy is loud!

  2. My daughter moved to another city three months ago and I want to keep her safe so we bought Vivint. I love Vivint because it is very difficult to find home security systems for renters. Vivint is ideal for renters because you can take it with you when you go and there are no problems whatsoever. My son bought Vivint when he was living in San Francisco and took it to LA when he was done with grad school with no qualms. This is finally a home security system that works for you without nickel and diming you nonstop. That was something we couldn’t deal with on her tight budget. Vivint is a great deal and it gives you everything you need to keep your home security. Because she lives at the end of her condo complex, I like that Vivint enables her to see the end of the complex and her parking lot before she drives up. There are a lot of weirdos out there and you never know who is watching your home and your patterns of coming and going. It happens. At least with Vivint you can see who’s out there and protect yourself. This is something everyone needs.

  3. We are elderly couple with two grandkids that spend extensive time with us, especially in the summer months. My daughter bought us Vivint# so we’d have a home security system. I am not one to think we need things like this, but the truth is, with our grandkids in the house, you never know who is watching your home and ready to pounce. We have had to call Vivint security a few times and they were very receptive and eager to help us solve the issue which I appreciate. Vivint gives you the best of all worlds and for you techies out there, you can also see activity online which my daughter does when she and my son-in-law are traveling.

  4. The quality of work by the technicians who installed our new security system was amazing. We experienced a quick and efficient, professional installation that exceeded all of our expectations. Good work, Vivint!

  5. I called Vivint with questions about updating our email and password for our home security system. I had an extremely pleasant and cheerful conversation with a customer service representative from this company. She was patient and helpful as I changed my email and password. She also walked me through a test of our home security system and answered a question that I had about my bill. In this day and age, good customer service is very hard to find. I am glad that there are still some companies out there who are willing to go the extra mile and truly serve their customers in a positive and courteous manner. I ended my phone call with a good feeling, which doesn’t happen much these days. Usually, a company is not willing to help with any problems and I end up feeling frustrated and angry. I had exactly the opposite experience with Vivint. I have been telling all of my family members and friends about what a great service they offer and how easy they make it to effectively protect your family and home. Their service is reliable and affordable, and I plan to keep using it indefinitely into the future.

  6. I call the Vivint security system my own little protective army. This product is complete with a number of useful tools that make owning a home that much easier. There’s just too many other things to worry about as a homeowner and the security of my home should not be one of them. It’s nice to know that the Vivint security system is working around the clock to protect my family and our assets. It’s also an added benefit that the system is linked to the local police and fire departments so that action will take place quickly should the unfortunate burglary take place.

  7. You can never be too safe or prepared. It’s really necessary to protect yourself as much as possible in this day and age. Gone are the days when you can live without a security system yet alone leaving your door unlocked. You need to be protective of your belongings as well as yourself when you’re in your home. The Vivint security system is worth the investment. This system is very functional and easy to use and does not cost much at all. I know that I’m going to be using it for years to come because I will always need to be protected and should not have to worry about my safety.

  8. The Vivint security system is like my own personal neighborhood watchdog. I use this security system every day in order to protect my family and home. I had other types of security systems in the past but never really was fully content with them, mainly because they did not live up to what I was looking for. The main difference with the Vivint security system compared to others on the market is that it comes with a nice customer service platform and a warranty. For the service’s price point, these are some nice added benefits. The system is also very simple to use that even my children know how to arm and disarm. This is really important to me because sometimes I’m not home when my kids are so it’s nice to know that they can be protected. I wouldn’t use the security system as the babysitter, but it’s an extra form of comfort and helps put my mind at ease. Security systems really just need to get the job done and with Vivint, that’s what this product does! Ever since I had this system installed I have piece of mind and don’t feel anxious or worried about my home.

  9. I recently had the Vivint security system installed and I’m really in love with all the capabilities that it provides. It’s really easy to arm and disarm and it really blends in well so that no one would even know that I have a security system. The installation of the system did not take long at all and it doesn’t even cost much at all to maintain. Some nice features that I enjoy with the system are how I can reach a customer service representative easily and how it is also connected to the fire and police departments. It’s a system worth checking out!

  10. I love the way Vivint works because I can zero in on the individual sensors. This means if I am home I can make sure all of the indoor motion sensors are off, but keep the garage sensor on, in the event someone were try to get in that way. It is a very helpful way of designing a home security system so it works well for the resident. A lot of the home security systems out there are all or none, which is ridiculous because some of us want protection even when we’re home. I’m a 66 year old woman who lives alone so safety is very important to me and I’m only one person – I can’t look in every direction at all times. With Vivint I don’t have to and I’m happy to report I’ve never experienced a glitch or any major mishap with Vivint Security. I like that Vivint is DIY installation because it made it a lot more affordable to install. My son took care of it in 30 minutes and it’s worked like a dream ever since. Vivint has another happy customer and I hope anyone looking for a home security system takes the time to try Vivint. Don’t let the price fool you.

  11. I don’t even know why we bothered with the conventional home security system for so long. Vivint is far cheaper and just as effective. We live in a tough area and an alarm is a must and Vivint gets the job done.

  12. After fighting with our annoying home security system’s CS department twice in a month, I decided it was time to ditch them for good. I’d thought about it a lot, but figured switching would be a hassle. Vivint makes everything so easy. If you aren’t satisfied with your home security system, take a chance on Vivint. It is so much cheaper than those monthly fee home security systems and frankly, they do a better job. Their CS is great and actually helpful (yes, this exists!) and the system is simple to install. Their cameras do a great job of watching the house when you’re away too.

  13. The siren on Vivint is very loud. That’s what I think is the best thing for us because the thieves in our area get scared away by this in seconds. My sister said Vivint was the real deal as far as home security systems go and she was right.

  14. Vivint took me an hour to put in and we pulled up our home on the app that same say. This is such a smart home security system. Now we feel safe despite the demise of our neighborhood.

  15. Like other home security systems that are self-installed Vivint comes with pre-settings but it doesn’t take long to change those things. Installation is very simple and as long as you follow the directions, you should be 100% fine and have the system up and running in an hour. I can’t imagine it takes anyone longer than that to setup this home security system, which has wifi cameras. This makes it very easy to watch your house via Internet, which means you can be anywhere in the world and see your home in real time. Yes we are living in the future people!

  16. There’s no way to protect yourself 100%, but Vivint makes you know you’re doing what you can to stay safe. I love that Vivint offers additional wifi cameras if you need them. Our house has a door on the side and I like we can have a camera there.

  17. I read about Vivint on a tech blog. I thought about getting a home security system when I moved, but then time got away from me and it fell down on the priority list. I knew Vivint was a decent product because my brother-in-law has one and he is a picky guy. Vivint is great because you’re paying a low fee and not hit with a bunch of extra fees for features you likely will not use. I am adding two more cameras to keep an eye on my dogs when they are in the yard and this is cool because it lets me see them when I’m away.

  18. I had to move suddenly and wanted a home security system for my apartment. Vivint is great because it is a breeze for renters to setup quickly no matter where they’re living. This is a major plus for me.

  19. This is the home security system I have dreamed of for years. We’re talking about a system that is simple to use and easy to install. This is meets those requirements all the way around and that makes things better for the consumer. The cost is not bad when comparing to other home security systems with the same features. There are some very expensive devices out there! We had a contract with a security company years ago, but after we moved we never bothered to get a new alarm and just got used to living without it. Now we’ve experienced a lot of panhandlers and the like in our neighborhood, which made us want an alarm. The design of Vivint is very user-friendly and you can tell they took the customer into account when making this home security system. It could not be simpler! Installation took us all of 45 minutes. In fact we were able to catch a movie because Vivint took such a short amount of time and we thought it was going to eat up an entire afternoon. When they are making things this so easy for people, I do not know why anyone would choose another home security company!

  20. Three years of Vivint has made me a believer and Vivint advocate. I don’t think anyone should have to pay a ton of money to protect their home. I think it should be something that’s given, but we know that burglars love to pop in and take things that aren’t theirs. It’s a terrible reality of society and I do not want my home to fall victim to these people. I read about Vivint in a magazine and decided to try it out and have never looked back. There are so many home security systems available these days it can be overwhelming to decide on the best one for your family. I know from experience Vivint is the real deal and very much worth the low price. We had someone try to get into our garage. The alarm went off and we got the guy on camera, which prompted me to lock all the doors and windows before calling the police. Without Vivint I would not have had the heads-up someone was trying to get in and I certainly wouldn’t have seen the guy on camera. I likely would have heard the noise and gone outside to check what was going on and who knows what might have happened!

  21. I am wowed by Vivint after owning it for a little over a month. I was searching for a reliable home security system, but I will only be in my upstate New York home for another year before moving overseas with the same company. Because we are kind of out in the middle of nowhere, I really wanted to protect our home with wifi cameras so we can see what’s happening on the property at all times. Vivint lets you see anywhere you have a camera. We added another camera to our driveway because it is very large and it is great to have a view of who is coming up before they arrive.

  22. I do not write reviews ever, but I had to make time to write about how awesome Vivint works for our house. I have a part-time nanny and really love the ability to see her in action with our kids. It is more to watch the behavior and antics of my children versus the nanny, but it is good to be able to see her interactions with them and make sure things are moving according to schedule. Vivint never misses a beat and I’m thankful I found it went I did. It works great for us and always works, no matter where I’m traveling.

  23. Renters rejoice! Vivint is ideal for renters because it isn’t dependent on your house and it runs on wifi so there’s no need to run a million wires or electrical stuff. I sound like an expert, don’t I? I have used my fair share of home security systems and Vivint gives you all of the extras you need that aren’t super difficult to work. I am not a techie by any means, but Vivint makes me feel like James Bond and I love the wifi capabilities which let me watch my front door when I’m gone. I can see who’s come and gone.

  24. There’s no reason to spend more on any home security systems after you’ve found Vivint. Vivint is just what you need when you know you are no longer living in a safe neighborhood. That said, we do not want to move as we’ve been in this area for 27 years and our home is ours. At this point going back to having a house note just doesn’t make sense at least until we know where our kids are settling with their kids. We want to be hands-on grandparents so maybe we will move in the coming years, but that isn’t happening tomorrow and we need to keep the house safe. Vivint was recommended to me by my son who has it in his home in another city. Vivint is a good price and the installation process is a piece of cake. I get intimidated by installing things myself but Vivint is no problem at all and I like that my son can watch the house when we’re away. In our golden years we are traveling more than ever (it’s a must before these grand kids come!) and it is nice to know Vivint allows all of us to watch the house while we’re gone. My daughter visits the house while we’re away, but she works long hours and usually stops by at night so this way she is safe.

  25. Hi. I am a well-off and healthy 35-year-old woman who lives alone in a very safe part of town. So why did I invest in the Vivint home security? I invested in this home security system for my elderly mother. She suffers from Alzheimer’s, and she doesn’t live in as nice a part of town as I do. I used to not even think about her security and well-being, but then burglaries started occurring in her neighborhood. I immediately took action and started searching for the best home security system. I specifically chose the Vivint security system because it’s very easy to use. My elderly mom is cognizant, but still old, you know? She needs something that is simple and makes sense, that she can easily arm and disarm. It just so happens that the Vivint home security provides just that! It’s so easy to use that I daresay my kids themselves could use it! It might not seem like much, but I swear that the peace of mind that the Vivint security inspires is just great. I am happy beyond belief. She too feels more comfortable and safe in her home. Overall, this has been a very positive experience.

  26. I absolutely refuse to be a victim! And this is the reason I invested in the Vivint home security system. It is perhaps the most high-tech of all home security systems available on the market. It comes with your standard window and door sensors, but there are so many upgrades available. The number of options are very, very amazing! Now I can go to sleep, go to work or even go out of town without worry about the safety of my home. This is especially useful because I have kids, not to mention a pet! And well, I love them very much!

  27. I never thought I would need a home security system. I would hear about burglaries and view them as just statistics relevant only to bad neighborhoods. There was just now a burglary could occur in my upscale neighborhood. Well, it turns out that I was quite wrong! Two weeks ago, my home was burglarised. It scared both my partner and I. My spouse was especially frightened on the basis that the burglars might come back. What if they wanted more? Long story short, we decided to invest in a Vivint home security system. Let me start by saying that it was very reasonably priced. Anybody who owns a home should be able to afford a Vivint home security system. For another, it provides 24/7/365 protection, meaning our home is always safe. This is important because both my partner and I work and thus are not always home. And the last thing we want is to return home from work one day, only to find that all our belongings have been stolen. I also feel more comfortable about going out of town for work and leaving my partner home. This way I don’t have to worry non-stop about my partner’s safety!

  28. There’s a lot to keep track of in life, but making sure your home is safe and secure shouldn’t be something that you have to worry about again and again. The smart thing for anyone to do is to get a wireless home security system because these can help protect you and your home at all times. Ever since I purchased the Vivint security system I have felt an immense amount of comfort and ease when I’m at home or on-the-go. With so much uncertainty in the world, it’s nice to have some control over the wellbeing of my home. With the Vivint system, it’s certain that my home will be able to withstand any possible intrusions. What’s great about this security service is that it has multiple strong components that help make it stand apart in the marketplace. Basically, it provides a number of high-value services all at reasonable price points. I was on a budget when shopping around for a security service, but I also knew that I wanted a good number of features such as 24/7 customer service, fire and police service as well as mobile monitoring. Vivint has all of these services and then some, plus it is super easy to use! I’m very happy with my decision to use the service and I hope more homeowners follow suit!

  29. Living your life in fear is really no way to live. There are so many crazy stories that you hear on the news about burglaries, that it can get so depressing just to go on living your life. That’s why I decided to invest in the Vivint wireless home security system. Let me tell you, this was the best investment that I have made since purchasing my home. I used to feel a little uneasy when I was home alone or away from my home. I never thought I would be able to afford a security system that would be of such high-caliber. But with Vivint there are so many features included that the price I spend is worth every penny. The price point for the service is really reasonable compared to other security systems on the marketplace today. Not only that but I really like how I’m able to activate and deactivate the system from anywhere. Most times I never actually even use the keypad when arming the system since I’m able to use my cellphone from the comfort of my bed. I also purchased the added camera feature which allows me to check in on my home when I’m not there. I used to be a worrier but now I have peace of mind thanks to the Vivint security system.

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